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Aliens & Invasion
It’s about time to release some Techno music again. As some of you know, I also produce other genres as @perdixmusic and I focussed a bit more on that lately. Though, these two babies were waiting to get out there and maybe it was even a good choice to let them marinate a little bit. I mixed & mastered the EP myself with some new killer Plugins. So I’m excited to drop the matured versions now and I can’t wait to play them live once the clubs open again in Berlin.
Both tracks are characterized by the same driving 1/16 bass line, which gives them an energetic vibe. Complemented with a percussive rhythmic loop, topped off by the shakers, hi hats, and claps. Both tracks also have a vocal. The vocal used in "Aliens" is from a well-known spaceship inventor, who has interesting and very plausible ideas about Aliens. In "Invasion", I've recorded my own voice for the vocal and the lyrics are a reaction of an Alien to the thoughts of the human speaker in the track "Aliens". The Lead synthesizer glues all these Elements together into two powerful and energetic tracks.
Aliens Vocal:
    If there are ...
    super intelligent aliens out there
    They're probably already...
    observing us
    It would seem quite likely...
    and we're just...
    not smart enough to release it...
    Maybe they're among us
Invasion Vocal:
    I am from earth
    Your future
    To travel in time, to travel in Space
    Offset ... Spacial ... Divergence...
    I am a evolutionary descendant
    I evolved from you
    And we... are... observing
    Since evidence was destroyed by the nuclear war
    Small numbers survived
    Our ancestors...
    and we... are here... to guide you
I am the verge between good and evil, for I’ve been dwelling in both polarities in equal amount.
I am the bridge between light and dark, for both sides live and breathe equally within me.
I am dancing between the sheets.
For once I’ve been illusionating you and now I illuminate the truth for you.
I’ve been the destroyer and the creator.
I am split in my soul and only unification and restoration can be my medicine.
No need to hide my soul identity, for I came to bring great peace, the union between good and evil the sacred marriage of polarity. For we are one and the same, coming from the same source. We are imminent of eachother.
For peace only comes through war, the day only through the night, that’s an ancient inevitable law.
If you don’t love the devil you live in supremacy and are seperate from gods holy mansion.
I am the uncomfortable truth, for my existence will break down all your illusions.
Thanks to Kimberly Fehlberg for this amazing piece of poetry!! Check out more of her poetry.
Forward EP
In these times, I have a lot of time on my hands which I feel like is a blessing. Everyday I'm waking up, having breakfast, meditate a bit and go to the park for a work out. After the 4-hour morning routine, the day starts off with a couple of hours working on my old and new music: producing-, mixing-, and mastering sessions. The rest of the day I fill with some other tasks to be done. It feels like I'm moving 'Forward' with my plans and ambitions like never before. So, how suiting is it to drop a 3-track EP called 'Forward'? The EP consists of 3 original tracks which have one thing in common; the driving, rolling, and forward (bass)synth. To me, the pushing sound represents moving forward instead of standing still while the world turns around.
The production, the Mixdown, and the Artwork I did myself. However, it's the first time that I gave the mastering session out of hands in order to have that second ear. Thanks to Modest Crow for the masters!
I played the track Dilated a couple of times in the clubs of Berlin, Germany. And boy, does this track move the people. It's a nice feeling to see people enjoy my music. This track is an up-tempo captivating track that is intended for the Dance Floor. It's a banging track and at the same time to keep you light on your feet. If you are interested in playing this track yourself for a live audience or you just want the track in your music library, you can download this track for FREE. Simply follow these steps and create the download.
Mind EP
The track ‘Mind’ does very well in the clubs, because it's deep, punchy, and has a lot of energy. The track ‘Imagine’ is more melodic and has a lot of elements in the mix. The mix-down of this track was the hardest part and it took ages. That's why I didn’t play the track live jet. But we will see how that turns out during future gigs. I hope you will enjoy the music.
When I started my adventure in Berlin I got rejected a few times at the club. I couldn't believe they would reject me for whatever reason, so I went home at 03.00 in the morning and started producing to get the emotions of my chest. After living here a year now, you understand that a f*king million ravers every weekend don't fit the capacity of the clubs. Besides I've had the pleasure to meet the right people, which makes skipping those immens long lines an easy job. BUT I still wanted to share this track with you guys, because rejection will only make you stronger if you act on it. BAZEJA - Rejected You can download this track. Click on the link and click on 'more' in order to download the file.