Enjoy our resident's @bazeja set at our first ALT_F4 event at ÆVE. on Friday, 3rd of February 2023. Can you hear out at what time he plays his newest production that we are going to release in March of March on DCMB Records?
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"Find Your Roots" presented by DCMB
It was my privilege to open the Bunker Floor in Club Birgit (Berlin). I had the chance to start off with some deep, driving, minimalistic Techno Sounds and build it up to the banging sound you are used to from me. I believe I represented the name Bunker pretty well in this set. Thoughts? Leave it in the comments :)
Thanks for listening! Bless 🙏🏼
What an event once again. The "Find Your Roots" series is well-alive and back again in Berlin City. This time Club Birgit opened its doors in order to host this event. DCMB connected with the Art||Dicction crew and @wieberoose joined the line-up.

We played a fun b2b set in the bunker of Club Birgit. Have fun listening and share the set with you're friends if you have a thumps up :)

Wiebe & Gideon
🍁 DCMB & Art|Dicction present: Find Your Roots #6 🍁

Let‘s connect.
To ourselves, with each other, to the ground, to the beat. To our roots.
The beloved Find Your Roots event series is back and bright, at Club Birgit we come together to celebrate the dark & the light. ☯
The magic is happening on Friday August 26th, so save the date dear child - and step with us into a world of the wondrous & wild.
Wiebe & Caty invited me again to play at their Kinky Sexy Event "Hedomanie". Always a really good vibe in the crowd. In Germany (Berlin) we're still not allowed to dance in the clubs, but this might change rather quickly. With a bit of luck, we can dance again next month. Fingers crossed! So during this event, the organization focussed more on workshops and the dress code. Since dancing was not allowed and I opened the evening, I decided to start out with some relaxed House Music which I built up to some more energetic House. Then it elevated to Groovy Tech House Basslines and in the end I could drop a few Techno records to warm up for the next DJ.

    Black Loops feat. Nikos Haropoulos - King Paul
    Black Loops - Like A Feather
    Black Loops - Higher
    Black Loops feat. Nikos Haropoulos - 7Hills
    Stones & Bones - Juju (Spiritual Blessings Lifted Mix)
    Tōnis - Broken Record
    Omich, Mattei - Drop The Bomb (Original Mix)
    Route 94 feat. Eda Eren - Fever (Original Mix)
    KH - Only Human
    DJOKO - Jode Lade
    KOKO - Love In Plexiglass
    Chris Stussy - Across Ocean (Extended Version)
    DJOKO - Daylight, Hooked on You, Morning Wonders, Unknown Territory, One Last, Son of a Sun, Sylvestre Alone
    Herr Krank/Deborah Aime La Bagarre/Marwan Sabb/Stupid Flash - Curfew Panda
    Guille Placencia - What a Bam
    Sous Sol - Macarena
    PAWSA - Hot
    Michael Bibi - Got The Fire
    Sidney Charles - Raw Rhythm
    Stanny Abram - Close to This
    Michael Bibi - Smoke Signals
    Adrian Hour - Love Something
    Juliet Fox - Can't Sleep
    Oscar L - Monster Tube
    Matt Sassari, Gaston Zani - Outlaw (Original Mix)
    Hinz & Ruhmhardt - Doch (Original Mix)
    SUDO - Terminate (Original Mix)
    Sian - Visor (Julian Jeweil Remix)
    Bazeja - Invasion (Unreleased)
    Monika Kruse - Latex (Original Mix)
    Egbert - Rush (Original Mix)
5 years DCMB
~ What an amazing event we had!!
~ We celebrated 5 years of DCMB and the club was packed!!
~ This was the last chance to party (properly) in Germany because they announced a new lockdown.
~ The quality of the recording is in some parts of the mix a bit distorted. The meters on the mixer looked totally fine, but the mixer itself was shit.

    Bazeja - Ahead, Body Music
    mobit. - Phangan (Bazeja Remix)
    Horisone - Magnetic (Matt Sassari Remix)
    Bazeja - Pandemie (Original Mix)
    Julian Jeweil - Outline (Original Mix)
    Bazeja - Epidemie (Original Mix), Mind (Original Mix)
    Bazeja & Wiebe Roose - Two Techno Monkeys (Original Mix)
    Ethan Wilson Thorp - Oxide (BAZEJA Remix)
    Jay Lumen - The Loop (Original Mix)
    Zafer Atabey - Brontide (Original Mix)
    Ramon Tapia - Last Step (Original Mix)
    Monika Kruse - Latex (Original Mix)
    Egbert - Rush (Original Mix)
    Minitech Project - Raw Muzik (Original Mix)
    Bazeja - Liquid Acid
    Spektre - Back Into Consciousness (Original Mix)
    Drunken Kong - Phoenix (Original Mix)
    BEC - Energy
    Bazeja - Polarity (Original Mix), Aliens
    Hollen - Robotica (Original Mix)
    NoNameLeft - Dyson Sphere (Original Mix)
    Jay Lumen - Robots (Original Mix)
    NoNameLeft - Acture (Original Mix)
    Pablo Caballero - Magic Around us (Original Mix)
    Harvey McKay - Find Yourself (Original Mix)
    BEC - Psilocybin Therapy (Egbert Remix)
The crew of Bass & BBQ invited me to play at their 2nd event. At the first event I was a guest and I witnessed a great crew with know-how of organizing a solid event: the lights, the “amazing” sound-wall, and the relaxed atmosphere pulled me in. The 2nd event was amazing as I expected. Now, I can proudly call myself part of their crew. They asked me to be a resident and I’m already looking forward to their next event. They intent to make it even bigger, so I got my hopes up for an even bigger and greater Festival next year. The first 30 minutes consist of my own productions and after that it's a freestyle.
Tracks from i.a.
@julianjeweil, @markreeve, @umek
@harvey-mckay, @transcodeuk, @metodihristov
@nonameleftmusic, @hollen, @pablo_caballero
@tonyromanelloofficial, @drunkenkongjp
My first gig after the lockdown was an interesting one. My buddy @wieberoose invited me to play at his new event Hedomanie in Insomnia Club (Berlin). It’s a kinky project where different kinds of art meet the kinky-club scene in Berlin. I had a lot of fun playing there. This is a part of my opening set. Later on in the evening I played a Techno Set with a trumpet player, which was an interesting combo as well!
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My upcoming Events!
It has been some time since I released a DJ set. Once Musicuneed invited me to compile a set for them,
I was honoured to do so. They have a great channel with good music! Check them out.
This is my mix for them. I call it gangster techno. This would be the techno I’d play to start the evening.
Dense & Pika - Delta System (Original Mix)
Popof - Alcoolic (Matt Sassari Remix)
Sante & Sidney Charles Vs. Derrick Carter - Where You At (Carlo Lio Washy Mashy Edit)
Dense & Pika - Project Zeus (Original Mix)
The Junkies - Get Down (Original Mix)
Raffaele Rizzi - In My Head (Original Mix)
Red Walls - TEFU
Miguel Bastida - Moudness (Original Mix)
Funkyloco - Stand Up (Sebastian Manuel Remix)
Pleasurekraft - Andromeda (Original Mix)
Drunken Kong - Don't See Me (Original Mix)
Matt Sassari - Waitin' For My Baby's Car (Extended Mix)
Dense & Pika - Wisdom of Crowds (Original Mix)
My letter to DCMB
I met one of you fine spirits in the club where I played my first gig in Berlin 3 years ago (Süß War Gestern). A friend of mine threw a birthday party there and told me that I had to meet ‘this guy’ who ran his own collective in the Berliner Clubscene. “He might be interested in your dj skills, he said.” So that night we introduced ourselves, talked about music and exchanged numbers. Only knowing a few people at the time, things seemed to move very fast. Because not 2 weeks later ‘this guy’ invited me to meet the crew … Yes, the DCMB crew. I played a few of my own tunes and everybody welcomed me in the group as if they already knew me for years. The next week I played two packed gigs in Burg Schnabel and ever since ‘this guy’ has been arranging gigs for his crew, which I am thankful for. This happened within my first 6 weeks in Berlin, and dreams don’t come true? I beg to differ!
In order to capture this almost nostalgic story, I’ve recorded a dj set for y’all with my own productions as well as a lot of old tracks, which I enjoyed to play over the years, and few new diamonds.
"Musik? Das kann ich"
The Berliner Collective “Musik? Das kann ich” asked me to record an hour mix for their podcast series. The mix starts of with some rolling baselines, which get you in the mood for the harder artillery later on in the mix. If you enjoy my mix, please leave a small comment or a like on my mix!
Much appreciated.
Bazeja in Berlin